In 1764, King Louis XV of France gave permission to found a glasswork in the town of Baccarat in eastern France to Prince Bishop Cardinal Louise-Joseph. Production consisted of window panes, mirrors and stemware until 1816 when the first crystal oven went into operation. By that time over 3000 workers were employed at the site.

Baccarat received its first royal commission in 1823. This began a lengthy line of commissions for royalty and heads of state throughout the world with many influences from around the world for the purposes of the creations.

The crystal production expanded its scope throughout the next two hundred years and Baccarat built a worldwide reputation for making quality stemware, chandeliers, barware, perfume bottles and jewelry. In 2005, it was acquired by Starwood Capital Group in the United States. In 2012, Starwood announced it would use the name for a luxury hotel chain “Baccarat Hotels and Resorts” which will feature the company’s crystal chandeliers at all their properties. The first Baccarat Hotel and Residences is in New York.


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Baccarat - Mille Nuits Plate 120
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Baccarat - Louxor Frame
Baccarat - Louxor Frame Sale price₦1,240,400.00
Baccarat - Snoopy with Heart
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Baccarat - Louxor Catch All Black
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Baccarat - Louxor Bar Set with Red
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Baccarat - Everyday Crystal Tumbler Pair
Baccarat - Everyday Classic II
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Baccarat - Louxor Vase / Candle Lamp
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Baccarat - Harcourt 1841 Champagne Flute
Baccarat - Vase Mille Nuits Infinite - Straight
Baccarat - Harcourt Candlestick Pair
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Baccarat - Volutes - Bowl / Ashtray
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Baccarat - Eve Champagne Flute Pair Red
Baccarat - Mille Nuits Flutissimo Champagne Flute Pair
Baccarat - Chateau De Baccarat Degustation Set
Baccarat - Butterfly Lucky Red
Baccarat - Butterfly Lucky Red Sale price₦240,800.00
Baccarat - The Eye Votive - Clear Crystal Candle Holder Pair
Baccarat - Cheval - Rearing Horse
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Baccarat - Everyday Classic Set of 6 Glasses