Since 1996, Rudi’s innovative designs are made with the finest regenerated leather called TECNOCUOIO utilising a production technique that adheres to a zero-waste philosophy that is eco-friendly and functional. The result is a high quality regenerated leather boasting elasticity that is both UV-resistant and water-resistant and which features a perfectly smooth surface.


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Rudi - Ginepro Tray Rectangular - Medium
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Rudi - Ginepro Tray Rectangular - Small
Rudi - Malva Glass Jar With Lid - Small
Rudi - Broadway Picture Frame - Horizontal
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Rudi - Cortina Champagne Bucket - Small
Rudi - Malva Glass Jar With Lid - Large
Rudi - Idea Pen Holder Square
Rudi - Idea Pen Holder Square Sale price₦116,200.00
Rudi - Naomi Carafe 1.6L Vienna Cognac Height 27.5cm
Rudi - Broadway Picture Frame - Vertical
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Rudi - Messina Glass Carafe 1.2 L Vienna Cognac Height 24.5cm
Rudi - Trapani Glass Carafe
Rudi - Trapani Glass Carafe Sale price₦347,200.00
Rudi - Idea Desk Blotter - Large
Rudi - Idea Desk Blotter - Large Sale price₦190,400.00
Rudi - Ale Cutlery Holder Cognac 28.5x24.5
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Rudi - Gemma Carafe 0.6L Vienna Cognac Height 19cm
Rudi - Naomi Carafe 1.2L Vienna Cognac Height 23cm
Rudi - Gemma Carafe 1L
Rudi - Gemma Carafe 1L Sale price₦519,400.00
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Rudi - Acquerello Coaster Holder & 6 Coasters