Lladró is a Spanish brand dedicated since 1953 to the creation of art porcelain figurines at the brand’s only factory in the world, in Valencia, Spain.


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Lladro - Echoes Of Nature Gardens of Valencia
Lladro - Sita (Re Deco)
Lladro - Sita (Re Deco) Sale price₦780,800.00
Lladro - Ram Darbar Base
Lladro - Ram Darbar Base Sale price₦192,000.00
Lladro - Rama (Re Deco)
Lladro - Rama (Re Deco) Sale price₦971,200.00
Lladro - Om Wall Light
Lladro - Om Wall Light Sale price₦1,321,600.00
Lladro - Majestic Nights Candle - A Secret Orient
Lladro - Lord Ganesha candle-Gardens of Valencia
Lladro - Lakshman (Re Deco)
Lladro - Lakshman (Re Deco) Sale price₦939,200.00
Lladro - Hanuman (Re Deco)
Lladro - Hanuman (Re Deco) Sale price₦971,200.00
Lladro - Goddess Lakshmi candle - Sweet memories
Lladro - Crush Candle - Moonlight
Lladro - Crush Candle - Moonlight Sale price₦97,600.00
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Lladro - African Colours
Lladro - African Colours Sale price₦2,641,600.00
Lladro - Lord Ganesh Lithophane
Lladro - Lord Ganesh Lithophane Sale price₦148,800.00
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Lladro - Ganesh Veena Lithophane
Lladro - Ganesh Veena Lithophane Sale price₦148,800.00
Lladro - Christmas Tree Lamp
Lladro - Christmas Tree Lamp Sale price₦475,200.00
Lladro - Hedgehog  cordless  lamp
Lladro - Hedgehog cordless lamp Sale price₦328,000.00
Lladro - Hanuman Lithophane Votive Light
Lladro - Monkey Vase
Lladro - Monkey Vase Sale price₦1,812,800.00
Lladro - Echoes Of Nature On The Prairie
Lladro - African Woman and Child
Lladro - African Woman and Child Sale price₦1,929,600.00
Lladro - Goddess Shree Lakshmi
Lladro - Goddess Shree Lakshmi Sale price₦2,427,200.00
Lladro - Sunflower Firefly Table Lamp
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LLadro - African Soul
LLadro - African Soul Sale price₦3,393,200.00
Lladro - Echoes Of Nature Tropical Blossoms