Since 1830, Christofle has mastered the art of working with silver, rendering that material sublime and special: it is shiny without ostentation, intelligent without pretense, and versatile yet sincere. The silversmith’s know-how concentrated in its factory in Yainville, Normandy, guarantees that Christofle products meet the highest standards of quality.


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Christofle - Tray 10X15 cm CB Graphik Silver plated
Christofle - Teaspoon L'Ame de Christofle Stainless Steel Black
Christofle - Insulated ice bucket Graphik Silver plated
Christofle - Individual tea pot Albi Silver plated
Christofle - Dinner fork L'Ame de Christofle Stainless Black
Christofle - Champagne cooler Graphik Silver plated
Christofle - Case Black Concorde Variations Stainless Steel
Christofle - Bowl 12 cm Vertigo Silver plated
Christofle - Asia tray Mood by Christofle Stainless steel
Christofle - Mood Easy - 24 piece Flatware Set
Christofle - Garden of Eden Votive Smoked
Christofle - Old Fashioned Tumblers - Garden Of Eden
Christofle - Albi 2-Tier Pastry Stand
Christofle - Concorde Cutlery
Christofle - Concorde Cutlery Sale price₦1,313,200.00
Sold out
Christofle - Candlestick - Vertigo
Christofle - Candlestick - Vertigo Sale price₦707,000.00
Christofle - Ice Bucket - Oh De Christofle
Christofle - Picture Frame Graffiti
Christofle - Picture Frame Graffiti Sale priceFrom ₦428,400.00
Christofle - Bread Basket and Cotton Napkins
Christofle - 24 Piece Cutlery Set - Mood
Christofle - Coffee Capsule - Silver Time
Christofle - Set of 2 Cotton Napkins
Christofle - Set of 2 Cotton Napkins Sale price₦105,000.00
Christofle - Small Teaspoon
Christofle - Small Teaspoon Sale price₦54,600.00
Christofle - Ice Tongs - Oh De Christofle
Christofle - Insulated Jug 0.3L - Albi