Cookut - Sushi Maker

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Refined and simple design
SOOSHI was designed to prepare easily and quickly magnificent makis sushis. Each piece has been thought to facilitate and make it simple every step in the preparation.


Make delicious makis sushis in just a few steps
Fill the rice mold, apply the press to pack it, place your ingredients inside (salmon, avocado, etc.), close the mold and release a perfect roll with the pushrod! Then, you just have to cut the roll into 8 pieces and enjoy! You can also roll it in a nori leaf before cutting.


Environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable material
Each piece of the SOOSHI is made in bamboo, a material combining smoothness and robustness. Bamboo is very fast-growing, its irrigation needs are modest and it does not need fertilizers or pesticides. Once cut, the plant regenerates easily. Bamboo is 100% recyclable!
Bamboo utensils are almost unbreakable and very light! As bamboo is a non-porous material, it does not modify the flavour of foods, it does not absorb smells and tastes either and you can watch it easily by hand with warm water.


Did you know?
The word “sushi” is the generic Japanese term for the traditional dish consisting of vinegar rice called shari, with another ingredient called neta. There are hundreds of different kinds of sushi, the most well-known of which are: nigiri sushi, maki sushi and temaki sushi.