Cookut - Pasta Therapy

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Make homemade pasta to feel good in your head and body
– Fight stress: relax after a stressful day by kneading the dough
– Spend yourself: roll out the dough, it’s sport and muscle your arms!
– Boost self-esteem: be proud of the result
– Reinforce social ties: invite your friends to share a good homemade pasta dish!
– Eat healthy and tasty: choose your natural ingredients and enjoy!


Homemade fresh pasta in 15 minutes without machine
Eggs, flour and a little energy are enough!


Very effective utensils
– A rough wooden roller (so that the pasta hang well the sauce) with a step on the sides to obtain automatically the right thickness of pasta without machine
– A roulette to cut very smooth pasta very quickly and quickly
– A convenient removable drying rack