Halcyon Days - Tropical Flowers, Silk Scarf 90x90cm Black

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Elude the seasons and let everyone think that you have just returned from a white sandy beach. As soon as our tropical flowers 100% silk scarf is wrapped around your neck, you will feel your Vitamin D levels rising. Really.

Our intricately decorated silk scarf is an example of exquisite craftsmanship, produced at one of the finest silk mills in Italy. Bright and eye-catching, this is an accessory which will be treasured and used for a lifetime and will add sophistication and glamour to an outfit. Elegance is easy with Halcyon Days.

Who says scarves are just for wearing round your neck? Tie it round your waist and wear as a belt, attach it to your favourite handbag, or frame it and hang it in your home for a unique interior design touch.